2016 Greater Colorado Tour the “remake” | Day One

Good morning readers! It’s a lovely day and guess what? We’re hitting the road again. This time we’re off for a short 3-day tour to Steamboat Springs and a collaboration with Emerald City Opera. We’re so excited. Guess what else? We’re all basically healthy! I say basically because after our last outing, I’m not ruling anything out of the realm of possibility. We’re looking at this trip as a bit of a do-over, a “remake” if you will.

Thought I’d try something a little different for today’s blog. We’re going to see how creative I can get with re-writing lyrics. I’ve been known to dabble at this; you know abridging an opera and all that. This time out, we’re on a 3-day tour. Hmmm… a 3-day tour… Reminds of a popular theme song to a hit sitcom from the 1960’s. Gilligan’s Island was before my time, but how about a remake…?

[Hum the tune it your head and play along]

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
A tale of a group that sings,
They loaded up two 4-wheel drives,
And headed for Steamboat Springs.

 Midway through their trip they stopped
Time to stretch and snack
Emily bought Cheetos but the other girls,
Had a Rice Krispy treat attack.

Back on the road, their Director led,
Charles following close behind,
The scenery had Ben snapping shots,
He’s got a photographic mind.
A photographic mind.

The weather started getting rough,
The snow really coming down,
In a white-out they crossed the pass,
And made their way into town,
Their way into town.

The group arrived all safe and sound,
Though the drive was rough,
With Cherity,
And Danielle.
Emily and Charles,
Alaina too,
William and Benjamin,
We’re here to sing opera for you!

We got checked in and then unpacked,
The snow was getting thick.
But things could be worse and that’s the truth,
At least no one is sick.

Emily compiled a list
Of groceries and more
We braved the roads and went to town
We gathered quite a score.

Back again and all tucked in,
We dined on pizza by the fire.
We played a game and then made s’mores,
Then decided to retire.

We have a busy day ahead,
This blog has reached its end.
Tune in again for another tale,
Until tomorrow friends!

pit stop in Silverthorne
On the way to Steamboat
Rice Krispy treat attack
Rice Krispy Treat Attack
Steamboat view of ski area
Steamboat Ski Area
making s'mores
Making S’mores by the Fire

Ok. I know. It’s totally cheesy, right? Are you wondering the reasoning behind the change in format? Well, between the white knuckled drive where I thought for sure we were going to be part of a news story on the dangers of traveling in Colorado’s high country and the game of Cards against Humanity that we played, there wasn’t a lot of material that was blog appropriate. Don’t get me wrong, the scenery is gorgeous, the pizza we had for dinner was fabulous, the s’mores were had for dessert were great and the game was fun and a chance for us all to de-stress. I discovered several things during the evening too. Danielle squeaks when she really laughs hard and she has a dark side (I still need to have that talk with her on the relaxing effect of coloring), Will and Charles have formed a special bond and even developed a secret language that only they speak (it’s very touching and a little creepy; at some point I heard the phrase “tub time”), Emily is the queen of roasting marshmallows and has an actual s’mores system, Ben, when the situation is just right, goes from a manly laugh to a giggle worthy of the Pillsbury doughboy when you poke him (the character, not Ben) and Alaina has an affinity for Vikings with flatulence issues. That’s really all I can say about the day readers. The rest… there’s just no way for me to put it into words and… I just can’t. I blush easily. Hence the song.

With that – it’s time for bed. We have a full day tomorrow. A performance of Carmen and two panel discussions for a high school, dinner with donors and then an evening Arias & Ensembles for the community. Thanks for joining us for this “remake” tour. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.

Nighty-night, Cherity

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