2017 March Tour – The Prelude


Monday, March 13, 2017

Hello readers! Are you ready for some blogging?

Believe it or not it’s that time of year again. We’re about to head out on tour; taking opera across Colorado.  Before the games begin, let me introduce the players. Please welcome to the starting line-up, the members of the Opera Colorado Young Artists: Allison Nicholas (soprano), Danielle Lombardi (mezzo soprano), Omar Najmi (tenor), Ryan Bradford (baritone), Charles Eaton (baritone) and Parisa Zaeri (pianist). OH, and there’s me, Cherity Koepke (director). I’ll be giving the play by play of the action each day. [I have no idea why this turned into commentary for a sporting event. I think I miss football season…]

Just a quick overview of what’s ahead over the next two weeks. We’ll be heading to Alamosa, Gunnison and Breckenridge this week. Next week we’ll head to Steamboat Springs in a partnership with Emerald City Opera. We’re excited, the people in the locations we’re touring to are excited, the people who rented us the tank we need in order to get all of our stuff where it needs to go… they’re excited too. Opera is exciting stuff.

So, tune in tomorrow folks and follow our journey.



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