March Tour Blog – Day 4

By Cherity Koepke Today’s blog is going to be a little shorter than the rest—and not because there wasn’t anything to write about. It’s because we were so busy, and I was headed in one direction while the Young...

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March Tour Blog – Day 3

By Cherity Koepke Happy Wednesday, readers! It’s a very special day today. On this day, we pay tribute to something near and dear to the hearts of everyone on this group. Something that makes us smile every time we...

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March Tour Blog – Day 2

By Cherity Koepke Good day readers. After a long day in the car and a late night, we’re up—but I wouldn’t exactly call us raring to go. It’s early and the sun is just peeking out from behind the...

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March Tour Blog – Day 1

By Cherity Koepke Good morning, readers! I’m back and the blogs are back, too! For those of you who are new: this is the blog I write while we’re on tour, taking opera all across Colorado. It’s a chance...

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An Afternoon of American Song: Meet Heath Martin

By Kelly Maxwell We’ve spent all week getting to know the 2017-18 Opera Colorado Young Artists, in advance of their performances at An Afternoon of American song this Sunday, and today we’ll continue by checking in with baritone Hearth...

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