OC Archives: Adam Klein in Carmen (2014)

Adam Klein and Sandra Piques Eddy in Opera Colorado’s 2014 production of Carmen.

By: Jennifer Colgan

When it comes to Bizet’s blockbuster Carmen, many immediately think of the seductive “Habañera” or rousing “Toreador Song.” Another gem in this well-known opera is “La fleur que tu m’avais jetée,” or “The Flower Song.” Don José (played by Adam Klein) swears his love to Carmen (Sandra Piques Eddy) and reminds her of a flower she threw at him after singing her Habañera. He is about to return to the army barracks, and says the flower allowed him to remain strong while he was in prison.

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Conducted by: Robert Wood
Stage directed by: Kathleen Belcher
Videography by: Brad Stabio
Image: Opera Colorado/Matthew Staver

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