OC Archives: Blythe Gaissert in As One (2017)

Blythe Gaissert as Hannah after in Opera Colorado’s 2017 production of As One.

By: Jennifer Colgan

As One is a 75-minute chamber opera that chronicles one individual’s journey toward self-realization. In this chamber opera two voices—Hannah after (mezzo-soprano) and Hannah before (baritone)—share the part of a sole transgender female protagonist. Fifteen songs filled with empathy and humor trace Hannah’s experiences from her youth in a small town, to her college years, and finally traveling alone to a different country—where she realizes some truths about herself.

In this excerpt, Hannah after sits alone in a coffee shop on Christmas Eve, feeling lonely and isolated. She recounts the thrilling feeling of a flirtatious encounter with her first male admirer.

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Conducted by: Andres Cladera
Stage directed by: Jeff Buchman
Violin I: Margaret Gutierrez
Violin II: Chris Jusell
Viola: Sarah Richardson
Cello: Jeff Watson
Videography by: Brad Stabio
Image: Opera Colorado/Matthew Staver

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