OC Archives: Kelly Markgraf in As One (2017)

Kelly Markgraf as Hannah before in Opera Colorado’s 2017 production of As One.

By: Suzanne Whitney

As One is a 75-minute chamber opera that chronicles one individual’s journey toward self-realization. In this chamber opera two voices—Hannah after (mezzo-soprano) and Hannah before (baritone)—share the part of a sole transgender female protagonist. Fifteen songs filled with empathy and humor trace Hannah’s experiences from her youth in a small town, to her college years, and finally traveling alone to a different country—where she realizes some truths about herself.

In this excerpt, Hannah before reflects on the pressures of having to be the best at everything. She feels like she has to be the best athlete, the best student, the best boy, so that she can hide who she truly is from everyone—even from herself.

Looking for local resources for transgender individuals? The Transgender Center of the Rockies provides holistic gender-affirming services to support transgender and gender-expansive individuals. Learn more >>

Conducted by: Andres Cladera
Stage directed by: Jeff Buchman
Violin I: Margaret Gutierrez
Violin II: Chris Jusell
Viola: Sarah Richardson
Cello: Jeff Watson
Videography by: Brad Stabio
Image: Opera Colorado/Matthew Staver

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