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“Thank you for organizing this delightful morning! We all had a lovely time and could not decide which workshop had been our favorite since they were each so interesting! I was very impressed with your young artists and wished my older children had come too to hear them! My son raved about “Inigo Montoya” and my daughters about Violetta’s red dress! The two gentlemen who guided us were most charming and helpful. Please share our thanks with them.

As homeschooling parents, we try to introduce our children to true beauty through the arts. We are looking forward to more opportunities to bring our children, the audience of tomorrow, to the opera. Thank you for the support of Opera Colorado in our endeavor.

Beatrice Sullivan, parent

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for such wonderful seating for my Fossil kiddos last night!  The school was literally a blaze with the buzz last night’s show created.  Many of the folks that didn’t attend last night are feeling like they have truly missed out on a great opportunity.  And I would have to agree that they did indeed miss an incredible performance.

I wanted to tell you that I thought last night’s show was one of the absolute best that I’ve seen in 8 years of attending!  I truly believe that the step Opera Colorado took last night in setting Don Giovanni in the 1950’s and making great music relevant to the younger generation will pay dividends forward.  I believe that’s how we save opera in the 21st century.  Visited with some of my kiddos today during class and every one of them had the same feeling: Don Giovanni, in jeans and a tee shirt, was someone they saw on stage but that they knew.  And that relevance is what I think will build audience not just at Opera Colorado but across the country.  Operas with a more contemporary setting will engage folks young and old.  It’s the direction I see the art heading in, and I can’t thank you and Opera Colorado enough for taking that leap of faith in this Don Giovanni!   I am certain it will make a difference!”

- Louie Silvestri, Teacher at Fossil Ridge High School

Listen to the podcast of the Opera Colorado Young Artists on KGNU Radio singing and talking about Don Giovanni:

“WOW! The Barber of Seville was FABULOUS. Our kids loved every minute of it. I think it might have been the best performance we’ve ever brought to the school. I absolutely loved the production, the set and costumes, the action of the characters, everything was delightful. There is such amazing talent at Opera Colorado. You are all to be commended for what you bring to our state. Thanks, too, for the Opera in a Trunk. We had fun using the trunk this week and all grades acted out the opera to get up close and personal with it.

Thanks again – what an amazing experience.”

- Deanna Franklin, teacher, Fort Collins

“The opera, Barber of Seville, was a HUGE hit here at Broomfield Heights Middle School.  The set was adorable, the players were wonderful, the story was hilarious, and the interaction with the students was fantastic!  The kids laughed in all the right places, oo’s at the kissing, giggled at the antics of the Doctor and Figaro, … was wonderful.  The prep work we did before the play was so worth it because even though the song lyrics were translated into English, they still flew by at bullet speed, but the kids knew the story and could follow it.

The 6th graders especially enjoyed seeing the singers play new roles different from Romeo and Juliet.  This was really brilliant because they could see small players from Romeo have lead roles in Barber and really show off their voices and acting skills.  Of course Choir & Drama classes really discussed details of performance and vocal production, but the whole school worked on the protagonist/antagonist study for Language Arts, plus the bully element.”

- Adrienne Terenzoni, teacher at Broomfield Heights Middle School

Students at Frontier Academy in Greeley, in their own words, on participating in Gen OC:

“This would be an amazing learning experience!”

“I’d like to gain experience in writing skills and creative skills.  I pride myself on being a writer and plan on making a career out of it”

“I am dedicated to drama and LOVE this book”

“Drama is my passion and it would be a wonderful growing opportunity to experience a new aspect of the process”

“I’d enjoy being a part of something new at the school, and helping bring a story to life.”


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