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What are the Opera Box Office Hours?

The Box Office staff holds hours in the administrative offices of Opera Colorado from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

Where are your offices located?

Our administrative offices are at 695 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite 20, Denver, CO, 80246, on the northwest corner of Colorado Blvd and Exposition.

What should I do if can’t attend the opera on the date I’m supposed to go?

Subscribers are eligible for special benefits, including the ability to exchange their tickets for another performance date. Single ticket holders cannot exchange their tickets, but can donate their tickets back to Opera Colorado for a tax deduction. Visit our Ticket Policies page for more information on ticketing policies.

How can I exchange my tickets?

You can exchange your tickets once you have received them in the mail. To exchange your tickets, rip the tickets in half and mail or fax them to Opera Colorado. You can mail the tickets to our administrative offices at 695 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite 20, Denver, CO, 80246. You can fax the tickets to 303.778.0479.

What if I lose my tickets?

Simply call the Box Office at 303.468.2030 and let them know. They will create a lost ticket voucher that you can pick up at the Box Office at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House on the day of the show. If you are in a group, please indicate your seat number.

What if I’m late for a performance?

Latecomers will not be seated until intermission. Closed-circuit TV monitors are available in the lobby to watch the performance while you wait for a late seating break. Please check your tickets for performance time and arrive early to allow extra time for parking.

What if an artist cancels and is replaced by someone else?

Opera Colorado does not offer refunds in the event of an artist replacement or cancellation.

Are last-minute tickets available?

Sometimes tickets are available on the day of show. You can find out whether tickets are available at the Box Office at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. The Box Office opens one and a half hours prior to curtain and is located just to the right of the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, next to the entrance to Kevin Taylor’s at the Opera House.


How do I reach Lost and Found?

If you’ve lost something at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, contact Arts & Venues Denver at 720.865.4200.

What dining options are near the Ellie Caulkins Opera House?

We encourage you to enjoy drinks or dinner before the show at one of the area establishments. Click on the following restaurants for menus and availability. To find more restaurants, visit the Denver Dining Guide. Reservations are strongly recommended for downtown restaurants; for easy reservations, use opentable.com. To see a full list of restaurants, go to our Planning Your Visit page.

What if I require special seating or other assistance?

Please call at least 24 hours prior to the performance. The Ellie Caulkins Opera House is accessible for persons with disabilities. There are also audio-described performances provided at all Sunday matinees. Audio enhanced infrared listening systems are available at all performances. TTY numbers for Ticketmaster: 800.755.6244, 877.474.4833, or 877.475.4833. To learn more, please visit our Accessibility page.

How do I get to the Opera House?

The Ellie Caulkins Opera House is located at the Denver Performing Arts Complex in downtown Denver, at the corner of 14th and Curtis Streets. (It used to be called the Auditorium Theatre and is right next to the Buell Theatre.) For detailed information, please see our section on Planning Your Visit.

Where do I park at the Opera House?

Please allow plenty of time for parking. Shows begin promptly. Check your tickets for show times. If you arrive late, you will be locked out of the show until intermission. The Denver Performing Arts Complex Garage is available for opera patrons but is shared with other performing arts organizations. On days when there are multiple productions at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, the parking garage will be very full. The parking garage at the Colorado Convention Center is also available for opera patrons and is linked to the Denver Performing Arts Complex via an uncovered bridge. Visit the Downtown Denver Partnership’s website for more information on parking. Please note that the Public Works department of the City of Denver has raised the event parking rate at the DPAC garage to $12.


What if I don’t speak Italian/French/German?

Opera Colorado presents all of their operas in the original language. But you won’t miss a single nuance of the story thanks to the new Figaro System. This breakthrough electronic seatback text delivery system displays electronic titles on the backlit monitors permanently fixed at every seat. A simple one-button interface lets you select from English or Spanish or turn the system off if you prefer to enjoy the performance with no subtitles. To date, only two other U.S. opera houses offer this innovative subtitle system…yet another ‘first’ for Opera Colorado’s audiences.

May I bring children to the opera?

Due to the length and nature of the art form, Opera Colorado recommends that children younger than six not be brought to the opera. Any child attending the opera requires a ticket. No “babes in arms,” i.e: every child must be in his or her own seat.

May I take pictures, videotape, or tape-record the performance?

No. The artist and staff contracts stipulate that no unauthorized photos, video or audio recordings be made of the opera.

How should I dress for the opera?

Opera is a grand opportunity to get dressed up! Especially on opening nights, you will often see ladies in evening gowns and gentlemen in tuxedos. We hope you will enjoy your trip to the opera and encourage you to make it a special event. However, Colorado is a much more casual city than others around the country and opera lovers come from all walks of life. And while you may see people dressed formally, we hope you will wear whatever you’re most comfortable in, whether that means your best ball gown or something more relaxed. In general, cocktail dresses and sport jackets are the norm for most performances. Matinees typically call for less formal dress: sport coats for men and a pantsuit or dress for women.

When should I clap?

As a general rule, applause occurs at the end of each act and the end of the performance. In between, when an especially impressive aria (opera solo) ends, the audience might also reward the singer by clapping for a brief time until the action resumes. Feel free to shout “Bravo!” (male performers), “Brava!” (female performers) and “Bravi!” (for an ensemble). Singers love to be appreciated.

How long will the opera last?

Generally you should estimate two and a half to three hours.

Is there an intermission?

Yes. Opera Colorado generally has two intermissions for most three-act operas and a single intermission for two-act operas.

Do you donate tickets to organizations?

Opera Colorado is a nonprofit organization with a limited budget. We depend on ticket revenue to produce operas and our ability to donate tickets is limited in order to ensure our continued operation. We do, however, donate a limited number of gift certificates to other organizations for nonprofit fundraising events. To request a donation, please e-mail Ed Mickens at emickens@operacolorado.org or call 303.468.2027. Due to the large volume of requests, we are unable to grant every request. Please note that priority goes to nonprofits in the music, music education, and performing arts arenas as well as events deemed to serve the marketing needs of Opera Colorado. Please include the deadline by which you need the materials as well as any paperwork you will need filled out.