Our Mission

To connect our Colorado community to the emotions and stories of the world through traditional and innovative opera and educational programming that is accessible to all.

We believe that opera plays a vital role in enriching our community. Every day, Opera Colorado removes barriers to make opera accessible and affordable and tells stories that excite and connect us in meaningful ways. Our distinct contribution to our city’s cultural life is centered on our grand opera productions at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, with additional performances and educational experiences presented live and distributed digitally throughout the seven-county metropolitan area and the state.

Our Vision

We aspire to build a family of opera lovers, who reflect the multi-cultural fabric of our community. Our work will tell the great stories of opera, past, present, and future, showcasing diverse talent and innovative approaches that serve as a model for our community and the industry at large.

Our Values

To advance our mission and vision, the Opera Colorado staff has identified a set of core values that aim to inform our organizational culture and decision-making. These values are: Creativity, Tenacity, Passion, Integrity, Humor, Inclusivity, and Community.

We foster Creativity in every aspect of our work—from the originality of our productions and educational experiences, to the way we innovate and solve problems.

We are Tenacious in forging new paths and overcoming challenges—we don’t give up when the going gets tough!

We are Passionate about opera, our patrons, and our colleagues—we celebrate our dedication to creating the most compelling opera experiences for the widest audiences.

We approach our daily work with a high level of Integrity—focusing on respectful, professional, and transparent actions, treating others as we would hope to be treated, and creating a trusting work environment.

We strive to create an Inclusive environment—providing equal access to all opportunities within the company and creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and safe.

We know Humor fosters camaraderie and friendship—allowing us to maintain a lighthearted perspective and helping us view stressful events as opportunities.

We exist to serve our Community, but we also work collaboratively as a Community of professionals—respecting our individual and collective talents and opinions, while building strong bonds between the company and our patrons.