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Did you know that Opera Colorado has dozens of available opportunities for volunteers each season? Volunteers serve as tour guides, event greeter and ushers, artist hosts, supernumeraries, lightwalkers, costume dressers, office support, and more. Plus, they receive special perks as thanks for their support of Opera Colorado!

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As a non-profit organization, Opera Colorado greatly appreciates the time and efforts of its volunteers. In exchange for their work, volunteers can receive the following benefits:


One (1) free ticket to the final dress rehearsal of each of Opera Colorado’s mainstage productions at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House.

*Must be an active volunteer within the last 6 months leading up to each final dress rehearsal.


One (1) free subscription for the following season—a value of $216!*

*Free subscription valid for Tuesday night package and Price Class 3 seating. Volunteers at this level may instead choose to purchase a different day at an exclusive 50% discount.


Those who volunteer for shifts at an event—for example, as an usher—are invited to stay and watch the performance for free, on a space-available basis.

Current Volunteers

Thank you to all the following volunteers who make Opera Colorado’s work possible.

  • Valerie Amburn
  • Eric Bard
  • Devanie Blake
  • Barbara Bower
  • Marilyn Brock
  • Jeffrey Brown
  • Katy Burley
  • Leslie Cady
  • Christina Collier
  • Joyce de Roos
  • Steve Dilts
  • Judy Downes
  • Martin Eisenberg
  • Tom Gaffney
  • Dorothy Gregory
  • Sigrid Freese
  • Kathryn Heider
  • Jan Heimer
  • Robert Kahn
  • Stormy Knight
  • Kip Kolkmeier
  • Susi Landers
  • Melinda Leach
  • Heather MacKinnon
  • Julie Makatura
  • Arienne Orozco
  • Kelley Patient
  • Marissa Peacock
  • Eva Phibbs
  • Cathy Poe
  • Miki Reddy
  • Donna Reis
  • Ellie Roberts
  • Grover Sardeson
  • Therese Schoen
  • Ruth Schoening
  • Henry Siegel
  • Marianne Weingroff
  • Christel Woody
  • Angela Young

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