Hundreds of people come together to make opera come alive on our stages, in our community, and online—from administrative staff to artists and production teams, from the Board of Directors to volunteers. Learn more below about just some of the passionate individuals behind Opera Colorado, and feel free to reach out to our staff for questions or comments. Not sure whom to contact? Email and we’ll connect you to the right person.


Greg Carpenter

The Ellie Caulkins General & Artistic Director

A major foodie and renowned home chef. Enjoys binge watching British crime dramas in his free time, and also owns every James Bond film ever made.

Ari Pelto

Music Director, Conductor

Lived in a reindeer herding community in Finland as a kid. Later, his first job was as a choirboy in Hartford, CT. But whether at sea level or a mile high, his mission remains the same: make the perfect pizza dough.

Sahar Nouri

Chorus Master & Assistant Conductor

Senior Team

Jennifer Colgan

Director of Marketing and Communications

Jennifer is a violinist who grew up in Virginia. She is the proud owner of a herd of cats and is always knitting a pair of socks.

Tom Kirkpatrick

Chief Financial Officer

Cherity Koepke

Director of Education & Community Engagement, Director of the Artist in Residence Program

Learned Gaelic to sing in a Celtic band, and is used to fabulous mispronunciations of her name. Also believes—not unlike Cinderella—in the life-changing magic of great shoes.

Jordanna Rose

Director of Artistic Operations

A Cali girl at heart.  Just as comfortable in the opera house as on the trail or waiting in line at a Bob’s Burgers panel at Comic Con.

Erin Wenzel

Director of Development

Erin has moved 17 times and lived in eight different cities, but is happy to now call Denver home. She loves to read, take long walks, and would definitely beat you in The West Wing trivia.


Anthony Berkley

Business Operations & Development Manager

Anthony doesn’t tan, so he was legally required to leave his home state of Florida, settling finally in Colorado because the mountains are awesome. He is an opera lover who spent a recent birthday enjoying the full Ring Cycle at the Met, and also has overly elaborate conversations with his vocal cat.

Samantha Cantu

Patron Services Manager

Samantha is another Texas transplant exploring all the facets of Colorado whilst juggling spending time with their kiddo, tending to their many friendships, and giving back to the community. They love singing karaoke, psychoanalyzing fictional characters, and playing a good immersive video game.

Clair Clauson

Human Resources Manager

When not obsessing over payroll and record-keeping systems, Clair keeps busy by baking sourdough, singing with her beloved Colorado Symphony Orchestra Chorus, and spending time with her husband and spirited young daughters. Indoorsy Denver native and Wordle enthusiast.

Angelica DiIorio

Marketing Manager, Advertising & Content

Angelica is a fast-talking, fast-walking native New Yorker who loves music but shatters glass when she sings. She collects postcards everywhere she travels and wants to make it to every continent!

Kendra Green

Resident Stage Manager

Kendra hails from the sea-level city of San Jose, California, and is thrilled to be pedaling her way to new heights in the mile-high city. When she is not on a bike or in rehearsal, Kendra enjoys treasure hunting in thrift shops, playing tabletop games, and going on whatever adventures she can convince others to join her in.

Megan Immerfall


Megan performed as a chorus member in the inaugural Opera Colorado production of Othello back in 1983 and has now come full circle as a staff member.  She likes to combine her passion for travel and photography and to-date has ridden her bicycle through fifteen different countries.

Ben Karasik

Production Manager

Having spent time performing, designing, and building for performing arts, Ben found his niche when he realized spreadsheets, planning, and logistics were what he most enjoyed contributing to the creative process. Ben is also a major art education advocate and enjoys swing dancing!

Robin Lander

Patron Services & Office Coordinator

Robin is a Colorado native with a huge passion for the performing arts and arts education. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family and will almost never say no to brunch.  She loves singing, cooking, movies/tv shows, and all things chocolate.

Kassandra Mestemaker

Education & Community Engagement Manager

Kassandra is a professional painter, avid audio book listener, hot sauce collector, and runner. She will always attend a community or cultural event with you, is usually found alongside her Golden, Rugby, and loves solo travel.

Alison Milan

Costume Director

Alison has come a long way from her daily toddler costume of Hawaiian muumuu and heels, and still finds beauty in the most unlikely of places. Whether she’s reading or camping in the wilds of Colorado, she’s always surrounded by her family and friends (and a few low-riding pets that share her love for dry desert heat and unexpected adventure).

Laura Norton

Digital Marketing Manager

Laura strives for innovation in her professional life and embraces creativity in her personal life. As a potter, baker, sewist, and cook, she is always making something and loves trying new hobbies! As a flutist, Laura values highlighting works by living composers of diverse backgrounds.

Madeleine Snow

Individual Giving & Donor Events Manager

Madeleine wanted to write a bio as short and sweet as she is!

  • Michael Wingfield, Technical Director
  • Michael Boswell, Head Carpenter*
  • Greg Killpack, Assistant Carpenter*
  • Dave Youngs, Shop/Production Carpenter*
  • Jeff Reidel, Head Flyman*
  • Susan Osborn, Head Electrician*
  • Karen Thurow, Light Board Operator*
  • Rita Richardson, Assistant Electrician*
  • Hillary Clark, Head Props*

  • Terry Gulley, Assistant Props*
  • Thomas Berning, Head Sound*
  • Ronell Oliveri, Resident Wigs & Make-Up Designer
  • Sarah Opstad, Associate Wigs & Make-Up Designer

* Members of IATSE Local No.7


  • Byron Hitchcock, concertmaster
  • Michelle Davis
  • Angela Dombrowski
  • Margaret Gutierrez
  • Robyn Julyan
  • Regan Kane
  • Christine Menter
  • Leah Mohling
  • Susie Peek
  • Gyongyer Petheo
  • Felix Petit
  • Veronica Sawarynski
  • Robyn Sosa
  • Takanori Sugishita
  • Benjamin Tomkins
  • Tori Woodrow


  • Matthew Dane, principal
  • Michael Brook
  • Koko Dyulgerski
  • Mary Harrison
  • Sarah Richardson
  • Lora Stevens


  • Andrew Kolb, principal
  • Charles Lee
  • David Short
  • Jeff Watson
  • Eleanor Wells
  • Carole Whitney


  • David Crowe, principal
  • Jeremy Nicholas
  • Matthew Pennington
  • Jason Thompson


  • Susan Townsend, principal
  • Elizabeth Sadilek


  • Sarah Bierhaus, principal
  • Max Soto


  • Michelle Orman, principal
  • Heidi Mendenhall


  • Charles Hansen, principal
  • JJ Sechan


  • Michael Yopp, principal
  • Lauren Varley
  • Devon Park
  • Marian Hesse


  • Leslie Scarpino, principal
  • Colin Oldberg


  • Bron Wright, principal
  • Andy Wolfe
  • Jeremy Van Hoy


  • Patrick Young, principal


  • Janet Harriman, principal


  • Peter Cooper, principal


  • Mark Foster, principal
  • Carl Dixon
  • Nena Lorenza Wright

Orchestra Personnel Manager

  • Angela Dombrowski

Orchestra Librarian

  • Elle Wells


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