Hundreds of people come together to make opera come alive on our stages, in our community, and online—from administrative staff to artists, from the Board of Directors to volunteers. Learn more below about just some of the passionate individuals behind Opera Colorado, and feel free to reach out to our staff for questions or comments. Not sure whom to contact? Email and we’ll connect you to the right person.


Greg Carpenter

General & Artistic Director

A major foodie and renowned home chef. Enjoys binge watching British crime dramas in his free time, and also owns every James Bond film ever made.

Ari Pelto

Music Director, Conductor

Lived in a reindeer herding community in Finland as a kid. Later, his first job was as a choirboy in Hartford, CT. But whether at sea level or a mile high, his mission remains the same: make the perfect pizza dough.

Paul Deckard

Managing Director

Got his opera start as a scenic artist, but now channels his creativity into improving his green thumb. Listens to an absurd amount of electronic dance music.

Senior Team

Jennifer Colgan

Director of Marketing and Communications

Jennifer is a violinist who grew up in Virginia. She is the proud owner of a herd of cats and is always knitting a pair of socks.

Tom Kirkpatrick

Director of Business Operations

Erin Wenzel, CFRE

Director of Development

Has moved 17 times and lived in eight different cities. She still buys CDs (to listen to in the car), and would definitely beat you at West Wing trivia.

Cherity Koepke

Director of Education & Community Engagement, Director of the Artist in Residence Program

Learned Gaelic to sing in a Celtic band, and is used to fabulous mispronunciations of her name. Also believes—not unlike Cinderella—in the life-changing magic of great shoes.

Katie Preissner

Director of Production & Artistic Services

Has two little boys and three floppy basset hounds—and a curious fascination and love for her favorite animal, the platypus. Is on an endless quest for the perfect Oreo milkshake.


Suzanne Whitney

Marketing Manager

Suzanne is one more Illinois transplant who fell in love with the Rocky Mountains. Most weekends she is on a trail attempting to identify wildflowers. She loves a correctly placed semicolon and always has a book in her purse.

Anthony Berkley

Development Operations Manager

Anthony doesn’t tan, so he was legally required to leave his home state of Florida, settling finally in Colorado because mountains are awesome. He is an opera lover who spent a recent birthday enjoying the full Ring Cycle at the Met, and also has overly elaborate conversations with his vocal cat.

Leah Bobbey

Individual Giving and Special Events Manager

Leah, a former opera singer, is thrilled to make her return to the mountains after a hiatus spent in the Windy City. She’s always ready to try something new, whether it be learning to make homemade ravioli or planning her next international adventure!

Linda Strauch, EA

Senior Accountant

Has four grandchildren, and cites Rocky Mountain National Park as her favorite spot in Colorado. When it comes to her list of favorite foods, nothing can top chocolate ice cream.

Officers and Committee Chairs

  • Elizabeth Caswell Dyer, Chairperson
  • Marcia Robinson, President
  • Michael Bock, Vice President
  • Chevis F. (“Chip”) Horne, Vice President
  • Richard Koseff, Secretary
  • Judy La Spada, Treasurer
  • Kevin D. O’Connor, Chairman Emeritus


  • Maria Garcia Berry
  • Suzanne Bucy
  • Eleanor N. Caulkins, Lifetime Honorary Chair
  • Dr. Laurence K. Chan
  • Joseph Fogliano
  • Mark Heiser, Ex-Officio
  • Don Hindman
  • Kelly Ann Hodges
  • Laurence D. Kaptain, Ex-Officio
  • Hon. Kenneth Laff
  • James Linfield
  • MAJ Konstantinos (Dino) G. Maniatis
  • William Maniatis, MD
  • Jon J. Olafson
  • Prem S. Subramanian, MD, PhD
  • Dana Svendsen
  • Keith Ward, Ex-Officio
  • Robin Yaeger
  • Youngdon Yun
  • Larry Zimmer

Honorary Directors

  • Hugh Grant
  • Jeremy Kinney
  • Pamela Merrill
  • Mary French Moore
  • Gerald Saul
  • Jeremy Shamos
  • Susan Shamos
  • Merrill Shields
  • Martha Tracey


  • Margaret Gutierrez, concertmaster
  • Byron Hitchcock, principal second
  • Angela Dombrowski
  • Debra Holland
  • Robyn Julyan
  • Chris Jusell
  • Regan Kane
  • Annamaria Karacson
  • Cyndi Mancinelli
  • Christine L. Menter
  • Leah Mohling
  • Susie Peek
  • Ingrid Peoria*
  • Gyongyver Petheo
  • Veronica Sawarynski
  • Leslie Sawyer*
  • Robyn Sosa
  • Takanori Sugishita


  • Matthew Dane, principal
  • Michael Brook
  • Kostadin Dyulgerski
  • Mary Harrison
  • Sarah Richardson*
  • Lora Stevens


  • Jeff Watson, principal
  • Cedra Kuehn
  • Charles Lee
  • David Short
  • Elle Wells
  • Carole Whitney


  • David Crowe, principal
  • Jeremy Nicholas
  • Matthew Pennington


  • Susan Townsend, principal
  • Elizabeth Sadilek


  • Sarah Bierhaus, principal
  • Max Soto


  • Michelle Orman, principal
  • Heidi Mendenhall


  • Charles Hansen, principal


  • Michael Yopp, principal
  • Lauren Varley
  • Devon Park
  • Marian Hesse


  • Leslie Scarpino, principal
  • Ken Aikin


  • Bron Wright, principal
  • Andy Wolfe
  • Jeremy Van Hoy


  • Janet Harriman, principal


  • Peter Cooper, principal


  • Mark Foster, principal
  • Carl Dixon
  • Nena Lorenza Wright

Orchestra Personnel Manager & Librarian

  • Angela Dombrowski

*Leave of absence


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