OC Archives: Adam Klein in Carmen (2014)

By: Jennifer Colgan When it comes to Bizet’s blockbuster Carmen, many immediately think of the seductive “Habañera” or rousing “Toreador Song.” Another gem in this well-known opera is “La fleur que tu m’avais jetée,” or “The Flower Song.” Don...

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Director’s Commentary with David Lefkowich

By: David Lefkowich When Greg got in touch with me about this project, I was so overwhelmed. It had been months since I’d worked on something creative and artistic and satisfying. I was so excited—it wasn’t just an opportunity...

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Q & A with Catherine Cook, Mezzo-Soprano

By: Suzanne Whitney Mezzo-soprano Catherine Cook is the star of the one-woman extravaganza April in Paris. We are so lucky to have such a captivating performer at the helm of our newest digital performance. Catherine has performed a wide...

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