2019 Greater Colorado Tour – Days 4-5

Days 4 and 5: March 11–12, 2019 Denver to Gunnison and back again Good morning readers. Apologies for the delay in this installment of the blog. Our plans changed rapidly due to the weather so there was little time...

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2019 Greater Colorado Tour – Day 3

Day 3: March 7, 2019 Beulah, Pueblo, and back to Denver Good morning readers! It began early and like something out of Wuthering Heights. It’s foggy and not the kind of foggy that you can work with. This is...

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2019 Greater Colorado Tour – Day 2

Day 2: March 6, 2019 Lamar to Pueblo Happy Wednesday readers. The dogs are barking this morning. That’s not a reference to anyone having issues with their feet—the dogs are actually barking. That’s was our wake up call. Seems...

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2019 Greater Colorado Tour – Day 1

Day 1: March 5, 2019 Denver to Lamar Hello readers—I’m back! The season has certainly flown and it’s time for Opera Colorado’s Greater Colorado Tour to begin for 2019. For those of you that are new—hang tight for just a...

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May Tour Blog – Day 8

By Cherity Koepke Happy Thursday readers and welcome to the final blog of our 2018 Greater Colorado Tour! Do you remember when I said in the first blog that we were doing 14 engagements in 10 days? Well, that...

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May Tour Blog – Day 7

By Cherity Koepke It’s Wednesday readers! Two more days of our 2018 Greater Colorado Tour before we head back to Denver. Today’s blog will be a bit less text and more photos. Not because I have nothing to write...

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May Tour Blog – Day 6

By Cherity Koepke I wake to the sound of rain on the roof, which is usually one of my favorite things in the world, but today it’s a tad irritating. I had just managed to fall asleep. That’s another...

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May Tour Blog – Day 5

By Cherity Koepke Happy Monday readers and welcome back to tour! After a wonderful Celebration Concert yesterday, we’re on the road again this week, headed to Lake City, Hotchkiss, and Parachute before returning to Denver on Friday evening. It’s...

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May Tour Blog – Day 4

By Cherity Koepke Good morning readers! We’re finished up our first week of tour in Fort Collins! Yesterday was a travel day and a much needed vocal day off for the Young Artists. Today they have a double bill...

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May Tour Blog – Day 3

By Cherity Koepke Readers – do you remember how in yesterday’s blog I said that tour is never dull? Those words proved prophetic. Read on and you’ll see why. We got up early today for our call. We have...

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