Top Ten French Words in Carmen

By: Angelica DiIorio We at Opera Colorado are excited to close our 2021-22 Season with the well-known opera Carmen. The composer Georges Bizet was born in Paris and the opera is performed in his native French. However, you do...

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Roma Stereotypes in Carmen

By: Bethany Wood As Jeremy Johnson, dramaturg for Houston Grand Opera explains, “Carmen has always been called a ‘g*psy,’ an exonym for the Romani people that has long been used as a pejorative slur, often to justify oppressive public...

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Q & A with Kate Aldrich

By: Suzanne Whitney Bizet’s smoldering drama is an opera focused on the life, desires, and lovers of one woman: Carmen. She is a heroine unlike any other—sultry, mercurial, and forever free. It takes a special artist to embody Carmen’s...

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Carmen 101—Carmen in Pop Culture

By: Angelica DiIorio What do Doritos, The Muppets, and the Olympics all have in common? You would never guess it, but the answer is opera, specifically the “Habanera” from Bizet’s Carmen. You have probably heard the “Habanera” somewhere before,...

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