Samson and Delilah 101: Program Notes

There is a lot of history and iconic imagery that goes hand in hand with Samson and Delilah. Learn more about this biblical story’s transition to an opera featuring some of the most lush and passionate music in the...

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The Flying Dutchman 101: Program Notes

By: Betsy Schwarm Richard Wagner was a master of both music and story, which you will see well-reflected in his work The Flying Dutchman. To learn the full story of the opera, check out The Flying Dutchman 101: Characters...

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Behind the Curtain: Reflecting on 2023

By the Ellie Caulkins General & Artistic Director Greg Carpenter The holiday season is the perfect time to slow down a bit and look back on all we accomplished over the past calendar year. Let’s reflect on all Opera...

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Don Giovanni 101: Program Notes

Where would opera be without those characters we love to hate? It’s a time-honored role, their detestable qualities neatly counterpointing the likable ones who are the other half of the equation. The womanizing Don Giovanni isn’t a good guy,...

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Don Giovanni 101 – Characters and Plot

Don Giovanni takes the legendary character of Don Juan and sets his escapades to Mozart’s sweeping music. This serial womanizer, along with his trusted servant Leporello, gallivants around Spain attempting to seduce as many women as possible. While he...

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Behind the Curtain: An Epic Season is Coming

By Greg Carpenter, The Ellie Caulkins General & Artistic Director Summer is ending and the beginning of Opera Colorado’s 2023-24 Season is just around the corner. All summer long, the Opera Colorado team has been putting the final touches...

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How Opera Paved the Way for Musicals

Musicals have become an integral part of the performing arts. They captivate audiences with their blend of music, dance, and storytelling. While they may seem like a distinct genre, musicals have deep roots that can be traced back to...

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OC Stories: Being an Opera Volunteer

The word “opera” is derived from “opus,” meaning work or effort. These works of art truly a labor of love. We would not be able to do it without our whole team, especially our volunteers. We want to celebrate...

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