Robin Lander

Robin is a Colorado native with a huge passion for the performing arts and arts education. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family and will almost never say no to brunch.  She loves singing, cooking, movies/tv shows, and...

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Ben Karasik

Having spent time performing, designing, and building for performing arts, Ben found his niche when he realized spreadsheets, planning, and logistics were what he most enjoyed contributing to the creative process. Ben is also a major art education advocate...

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Sandy Bucceri, SHRM-CP

Best known as the weird HR lady with action figures on her desk, Sandy and her husband picked Denver off a map when they learned there was a permanent opera company here. She loves her beagles, her human kiddo,...

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Samantha Cantu

Samantha is another Texas transplant exploring all the facets of Colorado whilst juggling spending time with their kiddo, tending to their many friendships, and giving back to the community. They love singing karaoke, psychoanalyzing fictional characters, and playing a...

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Angelica DiIorio

Angelica is a fast-talking, fast-walking native New Yorker who loves music but shatters glass when she sings. She collects postcards everywhere she travels and wants to make it to every continent!

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Bethany Wood

Bethany is happy to be back in her home state of Colorado after over a decade exploring life in the Midwest. She loves history, reading, and hanging out with her many nephews and nieces.

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Anthony Berkley

Anthony doesn’t tan, so he was legally required to leave his home state of Florida, settling finally in Colorado because the mountains are awesome. He is an opera lover who spent a recent birthday enjoying the full Ring Cycle...

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Suzanne Whitney

Suzanne is one more Illinois transplant who fell in love with the Rocky Mountains. Most weekends, she is on a trail attempting to identify wildflowers. She loves a correctly placed semicolon and always has a book in her purse.

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