Opera Innovators: Louisa Muller

December 9, 2021 | By Suzanne Whitney | Opera Innovators, Q & A, Tosca
Director Louisa Muller with baritone Luis Ledesma
Director Louisa Muller coaches baritone Luis Ledesma during rehearsals for Opera Colorado’s 2021 production of Puccini’s Tosca.

By: Suzanne Whitney

Throughout opera’s history, composers, librettists, directors, and artists of all kinds have contributed to this ever-evolving art form. Despite the public perception of opera being a bit stodgy, today’s operatic artists are trying out new and inventive musical styles, developing new stagecraft techniques, and telling new kinds of stories to reflect our diverse and expanding world. Here at Opera Colorado, we want to celebrate the artists pushing the envelope and moving opera’s grand history forward. 

Meet Louisa Muller

For this installment of Opera Innovators, we are delighted to feature director Louisa Muller, who made her Opera Colorado debut this fall. As the director of Puccini’s Tosca, Louisa’s vision, creativity, and warmth were present in every moment of the production.

Director Louisa Muller in rehearsal
Louisa Muller in rehearsal for Puccini’s Tosca (2021).

As opera patrons, we enjoy the final product—the glitz and glam when the velvet curtain finally rises. But have you ever wanted to sit in on a rehearsal? Have you wondered how a director pulls together all the artistic elements to create something mesmerizing? For Louisa, she starts with the score. She listens and lets the music inform her process. Then she collaborates with other artistic team members, like costuming, scenic, lighting, and more, to create a collective vision for the production. In this episode of Opera Innovators, join Louisa during rehearsal for Puccini’s Tosca. Her passion for opera is clear, as is her passion for supporting young opera singers. She is a coach and teacher to many, helping the artists find moments of true connection. 

We were grateful for Louisa’s deft artistic hand at the wheel during Tosca. Opera truly takes a village to create, but her direction colors so much of the beauty and storytelling found in our first production in 20 months. Beyond her artistic vision, Louisa has a vision for the future of opera. A more inclusive vision featuring diversity, not just on stage, but at every level of operatic organizations, from the works we program to the staff and production teams to the leaders of opera companies across the country and the world! 

Louisa said it best herself:

“I hope that we can be open to all that opera can be… We all had to shut down for so long, that I hope in the reopening,  we just keep opening further.”

Directed by: Suzanne Whitney
Cinematography by: Bahy Ghoneim & Rocky Mountain Public Media
Edited by: Lane Mathis
Featuring: The cast, crew, and artistic team for Opera Colorado’s 2021 production of Tosca

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Did you enjoy this installment of Opera Innovators? Who are the artists you think are creating innovative projects and ideas in the world of opera? Let us know in the comments below.

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