BEHIND THE CURTAIN: La Forza Del Destino

August 28, 2020 | By Opera Colorado | Behind the Curtain

This month, I’m handing my August blog post off to our Music Director Ari Pelto. As Music Director, Ari leads our superb orchestra and work collaboratively with me on programming and artistic matters. Few can deny the tremendous impact Ari has had on Opera Colorado. 

I first met Ari in 2013, when I invited him to conduct our spring production of Don Giovanni. I quickly recognized his exceptional talent. We discovered a shared love of connecting great casts and directors, elevating our orchestra and chorus, and of course, all things culinary.

-Greg Carpenter, Opera Colorado General & Artistic Director

La Forza Del Destino (The Force of Destiny)

By Ari Pelto

Opera Colorado Music Director, Ari Pelto.

This Labor Day weekend, my family and I are moving to Denver. This is a long-destined move, even if I didn’t realize it. Maybe somewhere deep inside, I really did…I’m not sure. You can’t fight destiny, right? Like Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein said, “Destiny, destiny! No escaping that for me!”

You see, I’ve had a connection with Colorado for a long time. More than 100 years ago, my Grandfather, Isaac Hoffman, lived in Pueblo with his family. Two of his siblings settled in Denver. His sister married a local celebrity, the featherweight boxer and restaurateur, Joe “Awful” Coffee. Some of you might remember his restaurant, The Ringside Lounge, at 17th and Lawrence. You could get a $2 seven-course prime rib dinner and the powerful little man would stand on a table and belt out opera!

Opera Colorado Music Director Ari Pelto with his wife Wendy and son Alessio in New York City.

In 2013, my agent called me to say I had an invitation to conduct Don Giovanni at Opera Colorado. I flew out from New York, where my wife and I had been living for more than 10 years. It was an exciting gig because I had been wanting to conduct a show at Opera Colorado for a long time. I love conducting Giovanni and it was such a great cast…but, I didn’t know just how fateful that invitation was to be. Toward the end of the production, Greg invited me to dinner at Bistro Vendome, just two blocks from the old Ringside Lounge. I had steak. He asked me if I would be interested in coming on at Opera Colorado as Artistic Advisor. Three years after that dinner, I became Opera Colorado’s first Music Director.

Back to 2013 for a moment — the year my son, Alessio was born. Wendy, my wife, was pregnant with him when she came out to see our performances of Don Giovanni. She was working full time for the NY Botanical Garden as their Vice President of Special Events. We built our careers in NYC. It was home. Alessio was born at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital on 168th Street, just a few blocks from where I am writing this now. In fact, I can see the hospital from my window.

When I became Music Director, we decided to split our time between New York and Denver. Alessio started school at the International School in Denver. We rented a lovely house on Lafayette Street. If you happened to have read my last blog post, that house was the scene of many of the meals Greg and I cooked together and where we planned and celebrated many Opera Colorado productions.

Still, we kept our apartment in NYC. We still “lived” in New York.

2020 has been a fateful year for us all. It’s been a year to think about the big picture and what’s most essential in life. Our relationship these past seven years, with Greg and all of you, the Opera Colorado family, has been so rich and meaningful to us. My time here has been the happiest and most rewarding time in my life. I found my musical home in Denver.

What we realized this year was that we wanted it to be our home in all ways!

So, as we climb into our car next week to drive west, we’ll put on some Verdi and feel the irresistible “force of destiny.”


6 Comments to “BEHIND THE CURTAIN: La Forza Del Destino”

  1. So beautifully written!
    Good luck to you and your family in your new home and in beautiful Denver.

    I am sure both you and Opera Colorado will gain from this move!

  2. I feel so fortunate to have known you and your family for so many of the years that you describe!
    While I have “retired” from IOB, I have plans to continue to evolve some fun “operatic” things around the State of Montana. My sister and brother in law (Barolo Grill) still live in Denver, so once COVID is done, I’m sure that I’ll find an excuse to travel to Denver for another one of your shows!
    My love to all of you!

  3. Congratulations on your move to Denver!
    I’ll look forward to seeing here in the Wild West – Montana is only a 1 hour flight or 10 hour drive North.

  4. ari, wendy and alessio: as you have been driving back to denver from nyc this weekend, so have we been driving back to denver from CA—where we have been stranded at length on two occasions this year—and where we will all meet again despite our curtailments with covid19. certainly OC will be able to schedule some performances, be they smaller, for the coming months. with you at the helm, along with your marvelous spoken interpretations of what you’re about, the opera will survive and continue it’s destiny with full houses experiencing your superb guidance. bravo—suzanne and peyton

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