Falstaff: Meet Maestro Ari Pelto

By Kelly Maxwell Before we even officially started our interview with Opera Colorado Music Director Ari Pelto, he came into the room and, unprompted, jumped right into what makes this production of Falstaff such a please. “Coming in to...

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Falstaff: Meet Cynthia Clayton

By Kelly Maxwell Watch Cynthia Clayton on stage and perhaps you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the soprano once harbored dreams of rock stardom. Although her musical goals ultimately shifted to the classical end of the spectrum, she...

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Falstaff: Meet Marco Nisticò

By Kelly Maxwell Italian baritone Marco Nisticò isn’t at all like his character in Verdi’s Falstaff. Watch him on stage as the jealous and controlling Ford and you might think that he’d be just as gruff and severe as...

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Falstaff: Meet Dana Beth Miller

By Kelly Maxwell In rehearsal, mezzo-soprano Dana Beth Miller carries herself like a dancer. Not intimidated by complicated blocking or choreography, she throws her entire form into her movements with great confidence. It is no surprise, then, to learn...

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Falstaff: Meet Sandra Piques Eddy

By Kelly Maxwell At first thought, you may not think that the modern-day sitcom has a lot in common with opera. But as mezzo-soprano Sandra Piques Eddy points out, there are actually a ton of similarities between the two...

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Falstaff: Meet Director David Edwards

By Kelly Maxwell A casual survey of the Falstaff cast regarding director David Edwards, gathered around the water cooler during a rehearsal break, brings up three things: his dry British humor, the incredible scope of his knowledge, and his...

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Falstaff: Meet Olafur Sigurdarson

By Tamara Vallejos Verdi’s Falstaff may not be one of the composer’s most frequently performed operas, but the cast of Opera Colorado’s production would be quick to point out it’s no less a masterwork. In fact, baritone Olafur Sigurdarson, who...

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An Afternoon of American Song: Meet Heath Martin

By Kelly Maxwell We’ve spent all week getting to know the 2017-18 Opera Colorado Young Artists, in advance of their performances at An Afternoon of American song this Sunday, and today we’ll continue by checking in with baritone Hearth...

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